Australian University Admission

Australian University Admission

As an international student wanting to study in Australia you will have to meet the requirements set down by the university that you will be attending. There are three major criteria that you will have to satisfy to get into an Australian university and they are:

  • Have a recognized certificate that states that you have completed upper secondary studies or a year 12 equivalent.
  • Satisfy the English language requirement so you can study at an Australian university.
  • And satisfy the course specific requirements in the area of academia that you want to enter into.

  Once you have satisfied this and paid the appropriate fees and have the visa that meets your specific need then you will be able to enter an Australian university.   So what does it mean to have a recognized upper secondary or year 12 equivalent?   It means that you have completed secondary or high school in your country of origin and have the documentation to prove it. Most Australian university websites in their international student portals have detailed lists for students from different countries who want know if they have the appropriate qualification from their home country to study abroad.

For a student coming from Germany you will have had to received the ABI to get into an Australian university and Australian universities look on the qualification quite favorably recognizing that the ABI is an important piece of documentation for many German students who have matriculated. Most university websites would have an international student guide where you can see how the score on the ABI is compared to an Australian equivalent. At one website that was reviewed for this article the holder of the ABI was allowed into any course if their ABI score met the requirements of that university. So you are in good stead in having the ABI and it is recognized throughout the Australian tertiary education system.
An Example:

  • If you have an ABI or 4.0 you can study science or journalism
  • And if you have an ABI of 4.2 you can enter the faculty of arts.

So I have the appropriate equivalent from my country of origin.

What do I do now?

Australian universities will want to know if you are fluent in the English language. There are over 800 000 words currently in use in modern English and over 100 different dialects and accents, but the language of academia used in Commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom is the same and the IELT (English for International Opportunity) exam is administered by three internationally recognized bodies (two in the UK and one in Australia) and has 1.2 million people doing the exam annually in 6000 institutions in 120 countries throughout the world. As a student you would need to do the IELTS Academic test that sits for roughly three hours and proficiency is measured in the four different areas of writing, speaking, reading, and listening. The test is done with expert examiners in the field and all Australian universities with a student body made up of international students would have an IELTS exam. Studying for the

IELTS exam usually takes 3 months and the AA Education Network has a portal that has a list of many of Australia’s English language schools that you can browse. And it is possible to study for the IELTS exam on-line before you come to Australia. So you can go straight into your course with your classmates for that year.
Because Australia is a commonwealth of states and territories and because education in Australia is administered largely by state governments it is common to come across certain courses in particular states that will require specific conditions be met before a student can enter the faculty of their choice. A student studying music or arts in an Australian university will have to bring a portfolio with them, while students studying in courses like some of the engineering courses, and medicine may have to sit for an interview before allowed entry into that faculty. This is common for many universities throughout the world so discuss this with the International Student Office or your AA Education Agent so you have met all the requirements needed for a successful stay in Australia.
But once these requirements have been met you should be good to go from a study standpoint. Once again, most Australian universities have very user-friendly websites that can be accessed from your home country and with the assistance of your AA Education Agent you should be able to meet all the requirements that you will need to met, so you can have a satisfying experience of Australian university life.

So, you will have had to:


  • Gained a recognized certificate that states that you have completed upper secondary studies or a year 12 equivalent in your country of origin.
  • You have satisfied the English language requirement so you can study at an Australian university by passing the IELTS exam.
  • And you have met the course specific requirements at your chosen university in the area of academia that you want to enter into.